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To see more PHOTOS, click on the following link to go to their Craigslist ad: http://nmi.craigslist.org/grd/4394755424.html

Colorful purebred SWEDISH FLOWER HEN, crossbred S.F.H. x Black AUASTRALORP, and crossbred S.F.H. x JERSEY GIANT CHICKS! There are chicks ranging in ages from one week to one month old (oldest hatched 03-19), so they will require HEAT LAMPS until fully feathered out.

The father of these COLORFUL large fowl chicks is a gorgeous 'mostly white with red & orange, non-crested' Cockerel from GREENFIRE FARMS! The hens these chicks are out of are two plump Black Australorp Hens, one BIG Blue Jersey Giant Hen who LOVES to hatch chicks, and a super friendly PUREBRED Crested Swedish Flower Pullet -- also from Greenfire Farms! All the hens are from select breeders; they are NOT hatchery birds.

Swedish Flower Hens are excellent layers of HUGE brown eggs, and both the roos and hens are friendly, sociable birds. There are chicks of ALL COLORS and ALL WILL BE SPOTTED when their feathers come in -- how FUN! If you like color in your flock and like being able to tell your chickens apart, these little beauties are ready to go to their new homes. Chicks are sold UNSEXED, as it is too early to tell boys from girls!

I cannot hold chicks, so first come first serve. Traverse City area, pickup only; no shipping or delivery.

These little ones are just too cute and going fast! Don't miss out. **I will only be hatching SCHEDULED, PRE-PAID CHICK ORDERS the rest of the year.** Email or text us. Thanks for your interest! :)
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