Swedish Flower Hen rooster needs new home

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  1. My beautiful boy, Handsome, needs a new home. He has gotten edgy since the addition of my Rouen drake and the arrival of my daughter's 4h bird (salmon faverolle cockeral) even though they are all kept separate. He is a great rooster with the hens and oh so gorgeous. He is great at fertilizing eggs for hatching. I hate getting rid of him, but he is too aggressive with other males around. He is two years old this past February. He should not go anywhere that has other male birds unless you are prepared for that. DH doesn't want to send him to freezer camp either, so this add is a last attempt to see if anyone wants a good breeding SFH rooster. He comes from blue house farm line of Swedish flower hens. I am having issues uploading a picture, but I will keep trying.
    *and I know it is not easy to keep more than one male bird around, I have done it in the past successfully. It was "luck" of the hatch that my daughters bird turned out to be a roo....
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    I am located near Erie, pa
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    Still got him?

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