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    Mar 29, 2016
    My 6 week old Swedish Flower Hen is a loner. She is quiet, shy and stays to herself. She has 5 coop mates but does nothing with them. She does not forage with them and is the last to come to dinner. She waits until everyone is done and she will check out the left overs. She stays in the corner sitting or sleeping and does not mingle like the others in the crate. She is not friendly and does not want to be around any of her coop mates. Her coop mates do not pick on her, they were purchased together at hatch and there is no sign of bullying between them. The other 5 chicks eat together, perch together, test their wings together. She is extremely docile and sleeps most of the time in the corner. She does not appear to be sick or have a vent issue. This seems odd to me, but I am a newby.

    Are Swedish Flower Hens known to be sleepy heads / introverts? Is this normal behavior?

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