Sweet Dreams little one.


5 Years
Oct 16, 2014
Well, I had a hatch rate of 29 out of 34 which I was pretty proud of. The chicks are now 3 days old and all but one seemed to be very strong.Today, a chick laid dead in the brooder and it wasn't even the one that got issues.A what I thought strong chick just dropped dead. I'm a 230 lb man and im not going to lie, I just started crying seeing something so sweet and innocent pass away. I started them on medicated feed today but I really don't think it was desiese. Any thoughts?

P.S.- The weak chick I believe has sprattled leg (I think that's what it called?) I but a small band-aid on its ankles but its having trouble walking still. I bring it to its food and water to eat and drink. Any thoughts?


6 Years
Dec 12, 2013
Lancashire, England
Sometimes when they are very young they can just die. It's happened to me before and it's very sad when it happens. Check to make sure their bums are free of poo as this can plug their butt and result in illness/death.

Are they one medicated feed?

Do you have a photo of the weak chick's foot?


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
It's possible the chick had some sort of digestive issue. It was able to live a few days from its stored yolk, but passed when the yolk ran out and it wasn't able to turn food into flesh. Alternatively, it may have been unlucky enough to catch a claw in just the wrong place, or something similarly improbable. I read here about a hen that dropped dead from running hard into an obstacle at about wishbone height, and the owner only knew about the cause of death due to watching the hen during the incident.

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