Sweet, friendly, buff orpington roos


Mar 12, 2017
North Alabama
In North Alabama. Very docile and tame. If you need a happy, healthy BO, let me know!
They're 3 months old now. My 1st chicks! I'll be sad to see them go. :(


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I didn't really know there was such a thing! I just thought things would get rather stressful here with 4 of them. Plus a blue australorp roo that I wanna keep for breeding next year.
Thank you! I am considering it. 3 of my 4 are still sweet. Only 1 problem child. They would need their own space tho, right? Would that change their behavior toward each other? If there was no feminine influence? (Lol) I could possibly pull this off, but my helpers are sooo... not dependable. I have 6 hens in a separate coop that I could move to the big coop and give the roos their smaller coop. I just have to solve the flight issue. *sigh* And space. These guys are used to having a big yard to run in. They'd lose that if I switch everybody around.

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