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    I have a hen that went broody thought it would be nice to let her hatch some chicks, she did six cute fuzzy butts. Well since then she has been getting more aggressive towards me. I'm just making sure they are eating and putting on weight. At first it was just a growling noise then a peck of the hand and throwing wings down and out, today she flogged me. They are a week old. If I knew she would behave this way I would have hatched them myself. They are all inside there's nothing for her to worry about. Is this normal? I dont know if i should separate them from her. I worry they aren't eating enough because she kicks it everywhere.
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    Now THAT is a good mom.

    I would use that broody again and again. She is protecting her young. Completely normal, and frankly doesn't happen enough. Good thing is, she'd integrate them into the flock flawlessly.

    Just don't bother her babies and she shouldn't flog you. If she does, just take the abuse. She is only doing it because she loves her chicks with all she has in her.
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    I agree. [​IMG]

    I hate to say this, but most animals are like that.... They all go a bit funny when they have young & put their lives on the line at times just to make sure nothing (And I mean NOTHING) can disturb their babies in any way.

    She sounds like an excellent mother.

    Don't expect to have unconditional access to babies with their mom. She often won't let you. Unfortunately this means the babies aren't as tame, but you don't have to do the work of raising them yourself.

    If it was cute fuzzballs to play with & tame you were looking for, you should have used an incubator.

    And the babies will be getting plenty of food, even with mum kicking it around. Do not remove them from her , she & the chicks will be very upset & make a racket. And it takes a while to forget. Its like you having your baby taken away when you WERE being a good mum.

    Set more eggs if you want chicks to raise yourself [​IMG] We won't tell you not to. Chicken Mathematics can come into play......
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    Thanks, that makes me feel better. I guess I was hoping she would be the same cuddle bug she always has been and trust me with her babies. I have noticed they dont get bored with her always scratching and pecking lol. All my chickens I hatched and raised so expecting to handle them the same. But as long as she's being a great mom I will just leave her be to do her thing. And get some eggs for bator
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    Oh yeah! I had a Wyandotte who went completely nuclear on me. Never in my life have I seen such a violent ball of flaming fury! I had her in a broody cage attempting to break her, and she actually demolished the cage and got out.


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