Sweet Roosters in Need of a Loving Home - Southwest Florida

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    May 14, 2016
    I have two friendly red sex-link roosters in need of a home. They are about three and a half months old, and are the sweetest little guys that have ever been born. They cuddle, follow people around, and love being a part of a family. I hand raised them since they were a couple of days old, and they are good with both dogs and cats.

    I want them to go to a home where they will not be eaten or used for bobcat traps. They are wonderful little buddies and they deserve so much more than that.

    They need to be re-homed as I live in Cape Coral and chickens are not allowed here, especially roosters. I thought I could keep them under the radar if they were hens, but now they are crowing so it is impossible. I want them to be somewhere where they will be happy.

    I am willing to drive to your location to drop them off, and they come with all the food and treats I have on hand for them.

    This is Muffin:




    The name Muffin comes from the fact that he was my Love Muffin as a chick, and Cupcake was named to follow the theme. Please only message me if you are serious about not eating them. If you are interested please let me know. Thank you!

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