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    Oct 22, 2014

    HHi there all. We have a beautiful, smart Pekin named Duke that needs a new home. He is our only Pekin, we have 9 khakis and two mallards. Duke is just too big to be around our girls. He needs to be with some friends his own size. He is very good at guarding them, and loving them, but too heavy for them when they are breeding. We love him and it will be sad to see him go but I can't bear the thought of him going to a table, so I was hoping someone here would like to have him. We live in Cloverdale, Ca, but are willing to drive him to you, if you are in Santa Rosa, ukiah, geyser like, Sebastopol, etc. . If you or any nice duck parents you know would like to have him, he is free. Please post or write me if you would like to add him to your home or flock.
    Also, what I mean by smart if when I tell him to go to his house he does, etc. he understands quite a bit and is happy around chickens, sheep, ducks, horses, etc.
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