sweet south california hen needs a home.

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    Dec 4, 2007
    this little gal is sitting at the city of los angeles "harbor" shelter!
    apparently she is very sweet because they have named her (this is uncommon in the LA city shelter system).
    "romi" is very cute - here's a link to get more info about her!


    she'd probably be so grateful to get out of that darn shelter that she'd start laying some "gratitude" eggs right away! [​IMG]

    if i'm not mistaken la charges a $5.00 adoption fee for chickens, pigeons and other poultry. but, actually, i've had la services on many occasions simply give me the bird (ha ha, i just re-read that) without me having to pay an adoption fee. (i've pulled several pigeons and a quail but no chickens . . . yet).

    i don't know enough about breeds to know what she is but maybe someone else can chime in and help us out with that . . .
    thanks for looking.
    f. weeble

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