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bloom chicks

8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
My chicks were born on the 29th and the 30th.... Today my hen was ready to take the chicks out and about...... Boy was I a little nervous...... not knowing if my flock would except them...... The girls we all excited to meet the little one.... the mama was awesome she did what she needed to do.......... and both of my roosters were trying call them to feed them. I am truely blessed with this flock of chickens. This was my 1st hatch.
I am very happy with the outcome............ Having Broody hen is the way to go for me!!!!!
Yes indeed. ........ She was so sweet I was outside with them all day and she would bring the babies to me and they would walk on me and she would lay right next to me to be close. It was the best day. I couldn't have asked for a better day!
Nothing better than letting Mom do all the work, and no more pretty sight than a hen with chicks 'busying' around the yard.
I have my 6 that were hatched the 21st. They haven't gone out yet but the other chicken go back inside to watch um. I have one, the red sexlink act a little mean but that was it. The rooster was good with um. I guess he know he's daddy.
Today she was great the only thing I am concerned about is that she tries to feed them from the layers food. I have chick starter for them I have it in the crate and when she is out and about foraging I put the starter in front of them. They eat it then she makes them forage. Will they get enough of their food or should I keep them crated for a few day.

Another question is......I live in North FL and it it going to be in the 20's on Tuesday Should I keep them crated with the heat on. The highs will be 50. I also have to go back to work..... I don't want to take any chances of losing my babies. Thank you for any input or advice.

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