Sweetest, favorite chicken killed today by dog

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  1. shoregirl68

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    Jul 23, 2013
    Well we've had a sad few months here but today was the worst ever!!! Our favorite Pekin went missing at dusk a few days before thanksgiving. We never figured out what happened to her so we were gradually able to adjust to her absence. Our 3 mallards decided it was their time to find mates and took off...which is not a bad thing, just a we miss you thing.

    Anyway on to the chickens....I admittedly was happy the ducks had realized their wild calling and happily made the transition to pairing with a drake. I also decided I was done with ducks...love them so much but really chickens are much easier to care for. Our chickens were the best...we nicknamed them the zombies b/c we had to hide from them sometimes b/c whenever they saw was they came running over....I'm sure it was just a food thing but 2 of our girls Hazel (BO) and Lucy (New Hampshire Red) came running to us every chance they got. Hazel was my absolute favorite, so sweet, always wanted to be picked up and never, ever was mean (pecked her girlfriends) like her mean BO counterpart, Basil.

    Tragedy stuck at about 4pm...my hubbie called in a panic...the neighbors dog who killed a pekin and barred rock last spring struck again. My 7 year old witnessed the whole thing. I've been asking the neighbor nicely to please keep his lab mix out of my yard for 2 years had my favorite chicken, Hazel, in his mouth and per my child dropped her on the ground near our swing set when she stopped moving. (We had 3 inches of snow last night so the chickens had not strayed far from the coop all day.) It was beginning to get dark and my husband was only able to find the New Hampshire red, one barred rock and the other BO.

    I literally lost it when I got home. Hazel was most favorite, favorite girl. So, so sweet. I can't stop crying, I know most would say, "it's just a chicken," but she was my love bug.

    My neighbor offered to buy me new birds and I felt like saying, "how about if we shoot your dog in the head and but you a new one."

    I want his dog dead...I know that is awful but it has tried to kill both of my cats and know has killed at least 3 of my birds. I could have dealt with the loss of a rock (not very friendly, skittish)...but Lucy and especially my girl Hazel meant the world to me. I am sooooo sad right now. I feel like I lost a family member.

    How can I get thru to my neighbor his dog in my yard that THIS IS NOT OK!![​IMG]
    Snow picture (Lucy and Hazel) taken today; my girl with my girl Hazel-yesteray

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    Buy a gun. Actually shoot the dog. This may sound harsh, but I have been where you are. I had a neighbor who did this. He had a black lab mix that came into my yard multiple times. No matter how many times I told the neighbor to keep their dog out of my yard, they didn't and wouldn't take me seriously. That dog also killed my favorite hen. Once I had my hands on the dog and was about to haul him off for a one way trip to the vet, being at my wit's end and not having a gun, but the neighbor had heard me screaming at him when he came down and was about to grab my remaining favorite hen. She came over, asked "Did he get any?" and then went on to tell me that they were "working on a shock collar." No regard for my chickens. No care. They were never going to change and I knew it. Finally, I caught the dog in my yard on camera with dead birds. I live in an area geared toward agriculture, and they take dogs killing livestock seriously. I called the dog warden exactly once. My town put down the dog. Neighbors moved away.

    My point is, people like this don't care. They never will. To them, they're just birds, they're not important like their dog is, and why should they have to inconvenience themselves because their dog is killing your birds? It's just a bird. You can get a new one. The chance you will ever get through to this neighbor is slim. You will lose more and more birds, the dog will be back over and over, even if it seems like the neighbor changes, wait long enough and the dog will be back. Really, I mean this sincerely, shoot the dog. Do yourself a favor.
  3. LRH97

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Southern Illinois
    Over the last two years we've "taken care of" two foxes, one very large cat that was after my chicks, and one dog. Around here and probably other places if an animal is threatening your livestock, in this case your pets, you have every right to protect them. The way I look at it, if you wanna let your dog run loose, you accept the risk that it might screw with the wrong person, and not come home. Like Pyxis said, buy a gun and be prepared. Careless situations like this infuriate me. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Muffinburgler

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Watsonville, CA
    You legally have the right to shoot the dog if it comes onto your property again. It's attacked your livestock and there's the threat it may attack your child. Or, if you're a bleeding heart like me, you can call the shelter or the police or whoever in your area picks up dangerous dogs.
  5. HeaVenSFeaTheRs

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    Sep 12, 2013
    Awe!!! This is so sad! I, too, have witnessed a dog in my yard who killed my pets. Many years ago. I have a 6ft high privacy fence around my yard and still a neighbors dog was able to get in when the back gate was left unlocked. I was heartbroken and still could cry just thinking about it. I lost a very precious Black Silky Rooster that day. I am so sorry you too have had to go through this and no words can bring back your precious Hen. Now, I no longer leave my small flock free range unless I am out there to enjoy a book to watch each of them. Even then I am edgy because lately we have had an increase of Cooper Hawks in the area and I have had to chase one with my small hen in it's talons. Yes, I was able to save my hen, but now my flock is in a run that makes even Fort Knox look bad.

    When I was younger in my 20's, 30's and early 40's I would take my chances. Now at 54 going on 55 ... my heart cannot tolerate losses like this. I would rather know my chickens died of old age or some disease I was unable to control. Keeping them safe is something I CAN CONTROL. {{hugs}} to you. Terrible experience for a child to witness.
  6. bobbi-j

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    Is your yard fenced to keep out the dog? That might be a place to start. You've asked the neighbor for two years to keep the dog out, but what are you doing to prevent it from coming in your yard? I'm not saying that the neighbor was in the right. He most certainly wasn't, and you have every right to shoot that dog. But if your yard is unprotected, there will be another dog, or a coyote or fox or some other critter coming into your yard for chicken dinner. Before you follow others' advice and buy a gun to shoot whatever comes into your yard, make sure it's legal to do so where you live. In many places it's illegal to discharge a firearm in a residential area. Another option is law enforcement or animal control. I am sorry for your loss.
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  7. blucoondawg

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    Shoot the dog, there may be laws against discharging guns in certain areas however if it were me I would shoot it anyways, I believe those laws are there to prevent hunting and target shooting to minimize the risk of stray bullets in residential areas, I don't believe this law applies to those who are protecting themselves or their property, if that was the case everyone who uses a gun in self defense would likely be acting illegally.

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  8. 3riverschick

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    Check you state dog law. You may be able to legally shoot it. You can here in PA. Also the neighbor may be financially responsible for the creatures his dog killed. Call the dog warden. This could get real expensive for them. That might get their attention. Also, before you make a stink, make sure you are within the law in all your poultry dealings. Don't want the neighbor to have you chickens confiscated. If it is legal for you, put up a sign stating marauding dogs attacking on your property will be shot.
  9. shoregirl68

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    Jul 23, 2013
    Are you joking....i should fence in my yard from neighbors killer dog....I did go as far as to put up deer needing along the property line in may. There is leash law in our county and yes you have the right to shoot trespassing threatening dogs...sorry but I've no patience for neighbors who just don't care. He has trained his dog to be a killer. It kills any atnimal that trespasses on his property and he will have it sit under his Martin house when a squirrel enters until the squirrel comes down for food/water to be killed. It has chased my cats so high in trees in my own yard I have to get a ladder to get them down. One Sunday at 7am it somehow had gotten on my screened in porch and sat barking at my terrified cats it could see thru our windows, this was pre chicken days.

    BTW if my chickens stay in my yard, should I have to fence them in...shouldn't the negligent dog owner
    be the one responsible for maintaining/suppling fencing his own dog by keeping it on his own property. The dog also concerns me due to its aggressive behavior towards strangers, like my daughter when she is swinging in her own back yard.

    Sorry but even if my chickens go on the fringe of his property they are not in anyway a threat to him or his dogs lively-hood.

    Seriously dumb dog owner should pay for fencing

    Die hard animal lover...who has pulled over to rescue baby opossums still nursing to their dead mother

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  10. nzpouter

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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    Shoot it.... what posses you to let it happen the second time I'll never understand...

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