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    I know this is probably way off base, I asked the question last night but cant find the post which means I screwed something up some were. so here it go's again.. HELP.....live in Yelm Washington which means lots of rain, rain in chicken runs means lots of mud and chicken poo as the girls [ all 100 of them ] go out threw their pens and were do their morning duty in the yard befor they reach the greener pastures and trees beyong their fences.
    My question is..... what can I do with their yards to kill the not nice stuff in their poo which they walk on every day of their lives. I guess what I am saying in a gardeners term would be that I want to sweeten the soil, clean it up,

    Thank You for your help

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    Hi and [​IMG] this post will probally get moved to the Coop and Run Design etc ...section. (just so you will know where to find it )
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    Close, Mananging your flock. Anyway, I would get a rake an gather the soil to the door, if you can get it out the door with the rake go for it, if you can't break out the pitch fork. Once it's out you cand leave it by the door creating a compost pile right there, or you can go and spread it around your yard/garden.
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    I would rake it out as best you can and make a compost heap with it and then put in sand in your run. It is excellent for keeping odors at bay and the poop seems to just dissapear into it.

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