Sweetpea is totally confused....

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    Dec 27, 2008
    I know for a fact she is a speckled sussex! She is under the delusion that she is either a human or puppy!? not sure which! Heres why, Sweetpea has been a trial ever since I got her at a day old, shes always been different! When I go into a room and shut the door the dogs whine and she screams! if I head for the kitchen she beats me to the refridgerator! If I grab a can of dog food ( I treat them (dogs) with canned dog food everyday) go sit down and open the can, there she is standing in line with the dogs waiting for "her" bite! I put her in the big coop and she stands at the gate and screams until I let her out with me in the yard where she and I sit in "our" chair. Meanwhile, her 4 sisters are perfectly happy milling around in the coop doing there own thing, When I call the dogs in, I get all the dogs and 1 chicken! So I have pretty much decided that she can be a house chicken, but she will sleep in the dog crate at night, she has decided she is a house something? and will sleep on my lap if I put her in the crate she screams but if i let her on my lap she coos a little while and then go fast to sleep? If I try and put her in the crate while she is asleep she wakes up and the racket starts up again. I raise toy poodles, and I know that there are shih-poos, cocka-poos, chi-poos,multipoos, the list goes on and on! But this is the 1st and only CHICKIE-POO Ive ever known.

    GOD knows I love her, how could I not! LOL, But Gee Whiz! At some point she has to realize being a chicken can be a good thing! Think Im going to have to start in with the tough love and hope the neighbors can handle her fits out in the coop! LOL
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    She sounds fun! Speckeld sussex are amazingly friendly little things. I have two chicks now, and one of them is SO BOLD!!
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