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    Jan 11, 2015
    Hello! We just got 2- 1 year old khaki Campbell's. It doesn't seem they ever had access to a pool or pond or anything. I know it's cold but they don't seem interested in the kiddie pool we got them. They're very interested in playing in puddles or in the dogs water. Just wanted to check if any of you have tips for gettin them to swim. These are our first ducks as we have always been chicken people! Thanks!
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    Give them time. Some ducks are not as big fans of pools as others.

    If it is cold out, perhaps you can add a little warm water to the kiddie pool. Make sure it is easy for them to get into and out of, especially out of. Watch them closely at first - toss some thawed peas into the water, or some other treat that they really like.

    I would not put them in the water, I feel that could make it less enjoyable for them (and yes there have been exceptions).

    Since they are new to you, just take it easy, perhaps offer them a shallow bucket of water at first so they can wash up.
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    Great advice, Amiga! If they indeed have never been given access to a large pool of water (poor things) they may be hesitant, even afraid, of it at first. But since it's winter, the cold is also probably a factor.

    And be prepared to face the idea that maybe they're just not that big into swimming! Wobbles really isn't much of a fan of water. He gets his daily bath but even then you can tell he does it begrudgingly, hehe! We've tried to coax him out onto the pond behind our house but he's simply not interested. Guess it's sorta my fault, I accidentally raised a duck version of a city-slicker!
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    I have two Pekins, one we got from the shell, the other was basically a full grown rescue. The latter only ever wanted to swim in the water bowl and puddles - still does. The one we've had likes the pool as well as every other water source, regardless of the size or cleanliness.

    Anyway, our rescue took some time to warm up to the pool. Now that she did she hogs it and actually argues with the one we've had about sharing it.

    I would say they just need to warm up to it. Make sure it's in a place that makes them feel safe (no acorns randomly falling into it or a gate banging next to it). They'll go in whether it's ice cold or nice and warm.
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