Swimmy Chickens :D

probably only before they sink ...
when i was youngER (still young.. just a teen). i heard stories that they could swim.. This was before anyone ever told me "They'll sink". so i put a hen i had in the pool with me.. Just in case she couldn't i stood next to her closely.. And she swam for about 20 seconds and slowly started to sink, after that i grabbed her and put her out of the pool.. So pretty much until the oil washes off their feathers they can swim.. But after that, They're goners.
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gonzo&hispeeps :

Kennedy! I'll ground you off the computer if you don't stop with the goofy posts! ~love mom:smack

im serious tho :eek: i can not believe you though i was kidding. i mean seriously...but now i know... so blah
Our neighbor's have those huge Maliays and Aseels and I scared a rooster once and he swam all the way across their lagoon easily and after he just shook his feathers off and walked off.

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