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Jun 18, 2009
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Have read at www.abovetopsecret.com and also heard on local radio WBCR in Maryville TN the following about flu: Aboard a U S Navy ship recently all hands were given swine flu vaccine. The captain and the chief petty officer died, and over 100 hands were hospitilized with fevers of over 104 degrees. Sixteen Navy doctors were flown to the ship to try to save as many as possible. The ship is now in quarantine in San Diego, CA. The navy is keeping quiet about it . CBS news says four navy ships are in quarantine in Hawaii, but unclear as to why. We have not seen anything about this on network or local TV. I will be looking at Reuters to see if they have anything. Supposedly only the families of some of those on board have leaked the news so far. I first heard all of this yesterday.

I did hear on the same radio station that the trial vaccines that the govt has been paying people $100 per vaccine to take do not have the Squalene Oil adjuvant that the soon-to-be-released swine flu vaccines have. Squalene oil in a vaccine will induce severe symptoms of arthritis in many people. The upcoming vaccine has 12 times more Squalene than the vaccines given our troops in the Gulf Wars. Other known ingredients include thimersol (mercury), formaldahyde, ethylene glycol, and 3 flu strains including the Spanish flu of infamy back in 1918.
You put a link to the website where you read the article at.

But can you give the exact link to the article you read.

Thank you..

Im getting worried. We have 3 confirmed cases in our small town.
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I just got over the swine flu. It isn't as bad as people make it out to be.
ya. And I had a couple of sets of x rays to make sure I wasn't developing pneumonia. I'm on steroids for a week or so to make sure my lungs are good tho.
You know, I'm really torn over this not for myself or my family but my mom. I personally will not get nor will my kids get the swine flu vaccine. We usually get the regular flu shot though. I'd like to think we are pretty healthy and we rarely go anywhere during the winter months so I feel our chances of exposure to it are fairly slim. My mom however loves to go out and about for anything and everything. She is 81 and has a bad heart (has a pacemaker/defibrilator). I would like to think that otherswise she is in pretty good health for her age. Well her cardiologist suggested that she get the swine flu shot. She has already had the regular flu and pneumonia shot. I just worry about her getting the swine flu one on top of that due to the fact that they do not know the long term effects of having received one.
I have told her that I didn't think she should get it but since her cardiologist did then I'm sure she more than likely will. My dad is all for her getting one. Actually he said she is going to get it. I know they can make up their own minds about this and I am just going to leave it in God's hands to protect her. That still doesn't ease my mind though about her getting it.
My son is recovering from swine flu and Boyd is right. It is not as bad as the media makes it out to be that is if you are a relatively healthy person to start with. I really hate that the media has made the public panic over this because the truth of the matter is that ANY strain of the flu can kill you if you are not in good health to begin with or you have some sort of something to compromise things but they just seem to conveniently not tell people that. I wish there were laws to force them to tell the WHOLE story rather than just the bits and pieces that will get good ratings or reviews. Bottom line to any illness is practice good hygiene, cover your mouth and nose, don't drink or eat after people. My mother was in hysteric tears when the doctor told her my 13 yr old did in fact have swine flu. You would have thought that he gave him a week to live. Now she is feeling just a little bit silly. Makes me angry at the media. Okay thats my two cents and the end of my ranting. Gosh today just seems to be my rant day.
I was sick for about a week straight, and weak for a couple days afterwords. I am fine now, and I wasn't the healthiest person to begin with. I did stay away from my fam for the most part while I was sick, but I do that anyways when I have any kind of ICK so I don't spread it around.

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