Switched the pop door... The world might end!

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  1. ibarbidahl

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    Aug 22, 2012
    Odessa, FL
    I changed the roof, too but I don't think they notice that... It went from tin to wood but the pitch is the same it just has an over hang on it now and won't make such a racket for them when it rains.

    They acted like I moved them to Alaska! Not one of them went into the coop that night. Now they won't use the nest box...

    One of them laid an egg in the run the next day, one laid her egg on the floor in the coop and one is giving me nothing. [​IMG]
    That next night one did go in but the other 2 did not.

    Really? Just from turning the front of the coop around? All I did was take the face of the coop and turn it around so that the pop door is on the opposite side. I wanted it closer to our house so maybe I can open/close it from a window without going out into the run.

    Is it the small brain, or the stubbornness? I mean seriously. They are only 5 months old and the coop was only there for a month. It's not like I was uprooting their entire existence. LOL. Same ladder, same run, same coop - door on a different side.

  2. Fred's Hens

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    Anything and Everything new or Any Change will cause Chicken Little to run screaming into the village to declare, "The sky is falling!!" The sky is falling!!!"

    There are great principles behind those old fables and children's stories.

    It's neither stubbornness nor stupidity, but instincts that have allowed the species to survive for 5000+ years.
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    [​IMG] And yes, so true.

    Just about everything eats chicken, so they are naturally afraid of anything new.
  4. aoxa

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    If you change things around a lot when they are young, they are less affected by these kinds of changes. If not, their world will end :p

    I had a hen lose her voice from egg songing when I moved the nesting boxes for the first time. It was bawk bawk bawk (just air at the BAGAWK ending).
  5. bokbokbacok

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    May 15, 2012
    I still consider myself a newbie to this wonderful world of chickens but....I have been enjoying them so much! Our birds of prey have discovered the coop, run, and now I'm afraid of free ranging unless I am personally out there with them! I first discovered the nearby Hawks when the flock alerted me with their "flying freak-out" mode. I simply looked up and saw the predator sitting on top of my barn overlooking the run. They do have great instincts.....now on to more threads. I will never catch up, I'm sure!
  6. chinzilla

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    May 4, 2012
    Haha yes from something as simple as that! When we "upgraded" our coop by giving it a facelift with repainting it and adding a staircase for the silkies... [​IMG]They were ******. Chickens don't like change - any kind of change.
  7. ibarbidahl

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Quote: OH, man! I'd LOVE a video of this!

    [​IMG] I'm sorry but I'd can't help but to imagine Campbell at home doing this right now at this very moment and of course i"m not there to laugh my butt off at her. HAHAHA. She normally doesn't shut up so I just know that she is doing this!!!
  8. aoxa

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    Hahah it had me in hysterics. She was NOT happy with me. Now we have to ask Penny if we want to move one of the nesting boxes (which were just pet carriers). She is possessive. We had moved them to make room for a brooder. Goes without saying that she does not want to be a mother :gig

    We call her the smoker. She sounds like a smoker when she egg songs. Hard to explain. She does it so hard and long that she loses her voice lol.
  9. BeulahBreezes

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    Love that egg song!

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