switching brand of food - best way?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TurtleChick, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    hi all!

    so the peeps are 3 weeks old now... when i purchased by first batch of food from the feed store, they told me that it would "be plenty" for 3 chicks (were expecting 3, got 4!) for 6 weeks.... well, i've already run out once and had to replenish.... i've decided that whoever makes the statistic that says: "a chick will eat an average of 2 1/2lbs of food in the first 6 weeks" is full of chick poop!!! they may EAT that much, but how much do they WASTE???? another 5lbs apiece, i've decided..... [​IMG]

    anyway! turns out (now that i'm almost out of food AGAIN) that my boss (i work part time at a pet market and get a good price on stuff for my creatures!) can get me chicken food. yay! the organic starter/grower that i want is a special order, so i've gotta wait a few more weeks for that. in the meantime, i've ordered another bag of medicated starter to tide us over. but i have NO idea what brand the stuff i got from the feed store was, or what it's protein ratio was, etc. etc. therefore, i have no idea how it compares to the new stuff. do you guys think it's a good idea to mix the new and old foods in increasing new food:old food ratios - just like i would if i were switching my dog's food from one brand to another??? i figure i've got enough of the old stuff to last about a week if i'm mixing...........

    thanks in advance, you smart and wonderful (crazy chicken obsessed nutjobs like me!) people!

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    Oct 18, 2007
    mix it so they gradually switch to new food, a sudden change in food can effect thier digestive tract, causing runs, etc.... Also they might not want new stuff but if combined they will get used to it at normal eating times.

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