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Apr 28, 2013
ive had my chickens since the beginning of may. ve had them on chick grower. then i put them on poultry grower becasue they were older. Now whats next? do i put them on scratch then havent been laying so laying mash? After all the special foods they need i just want a feed that i can get them all the time. :) Thanks Everyone!
I'm not sure how old these chickens are, I'm guessing around 20 weeks? If they are showing signs of getting ready to lay you can switch them to layer, or keep them on grower and when you find the first eggs offer them some crushed oystershell or egg shells in a separate feeder, so they can help themselves if they feel they need the extra calcium. Then buy layer feed when the grower runs out. Don't switch to feeding scratch instead of their formulated feed though. It's not nutritious enough by itself and should be fed as a treat or an extra only.
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ok, so i should get some layer then! they have been showing some signs. and i dont want them to be on grower anymore because there pretty big normal size now so i dont want them getting bigger cuz they will just die! anyone else have an opinion?
They won't just continue to grow because you keep them on grower feed. There is nothing wrong with staying on a starter indefinitely but it does not meet their calcium requirements for egg laying. Over time, their eggshells will get thinner and you will rob Ca from their bones. They will either need to move over to a layer feed or keep them on the chick grower and add a Ca source (limestone or oystershells).

Scratch is just that. It is a treat that is tossed on the ground to give them something to scratch and search for. It's just straight grains so it is incomplete in nutrition.

If your pullets are the light brahmas in your avatar, they will be cows when they are finished growing.
Okay! Thank you :) I'm going to put them on layer! I thought the was a different feed and I t was corn and something else in it? I'm not sure but layer feed it is. I'll ask the lady at the feed store because she will know lots about this!

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