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    My bantam brahma hen has some puffy looking eyes. It apears as though she cannot open wither of them all the way, as she should. Are there any reason that this could be happening? There is nothing coming from her eyes, they are just puffy eyelids, she is otherwise perfectly healthy and always ahs acsess to clean water and food, however other wild birds do coem around. Not sure if that has something to do with it. Thanks for your help!
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    Can you take a picture and post it? (See Uploads).... that would help.

    You can get Neosporin Opthalmolgic (Ophthamology) (SP?) ointment at the Feed Store.. for the eyes of animals... pull the lid out a little (clean hands) and run a little stream, ribbon of the antibiotic eye ointment onto the inner side of the lid... it will spread when she closes her eye.. I dab it a little to make sure it get "in" with a clean finger, gently. I would use it daily... for a week -- twice a day or three times a day. Be prepared, I paid almost $18.00 for the tiny tube of ointment.

    Also, you can get VetRX.. which, if her eyes are really swollen has something about Eye Worms on the instructions... I didn't ever use it for that, but I noticed it on the insert instructions...

    Good luck.

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