Swollen Abdomen + Gasping: Homeopathy?

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    May 20, 2014
    Hi y'all,
    I know this post is probably super redundant. I've read several similar threads already, but I wanted to get a direct answer on some of this.

    One of our chickens (Probably 3 years old?) has a swollen abdomen. She walks odd, like her legs are spread farther apart than usual because of the swelling. She is also breathing with her mouth open, like she's squawking silently....I wouldn't call it gasping (You can't hear anything), but I guess that's close to what she's doing.

    I gave her an epsom salt bath and gave her a spoonful of coconut oil + molasses + ginger, then put her in a dark box with straw to see if it's egg binding.... but somehow I don't think it is. I've never had an egg bound hen act like that.

    Any ideas? I'm especially interested in homeopathic assistance. I'm sure somebody here knows how to use homeopathy on poultry....
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  2. Trouveur

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    May 20, 2014
    Her droppings are dark green and white, in case that makes any difference.
  3. 1000years

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    Jul 16, 2016
    NSW, Australia

    I am no chicken health expert but I have just been reading so much chicken health info to try and diagnose what was the cause of my chickens internal strangeness.
    Have you explored the dignoses for
    1. Gapeworm : "symptoms are coughing, gasping" quote from 'chickens' by Suzie Baldwin p 122
    2. Internal laying : "she will begin to walk like a penguin" quote from 'chickens' by Suzie Baldwin , p130
    3. Sounds a bit like what I think was my chook problem, which I think is 'fatty liver'

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