Swollen abdomen/small egg


Apr 21, 2011
Allenton, MI
I have a 4 yr old Buff Orpington who has been having some breathing issues for a few months now that I treat with oral Tylan when it gets bad and it goes away. Tonight she seemed to be breathing a little heavier again so I checked her over and I feel like her abdomen is swollen. When I palpated it her tail went up, but she didn't get upset or try to get away. Her appetite has been less during all of the breathing issues, but she still forages and wants treats. I don't think she has laid an egg in a very long time, which I attributed to her age and being sick. 2 days ago a tiny egg was laid, but I can't be sure if it was her or the other buff orpington. Do you guys think she has egg yolk peritonitis? This is horrible timing for her to go downhill since we're currently going through IVF and I'm having eggs extracted Friday...not a good time to have to make these decisions!

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