Swollen and red area

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  1. elchuchu5

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    May 10, 2010
    My chicken has developed a swollen and red area right below her butt. It looks like a case of impacted egg. If so, can anybody tell me any treatments? thanks.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    first of all, [​IMG] you might try giving her a warm soak, they really like a good soak and alot of times will relax enough to pass the egg. if not the first time then just keep up the soaks during the day, keep her in a quiet place by herself with warmth, by heating pad on low heat with towels over the pad or in the bathroom with steam from the shower going. you mainly want to get her relaxed and comfortable. you can also try massaging the area very very gently in a downward motion [you don't want to break the egg] to see if that helps while she is soaking. if you have liquid calcium give her some of it or crush a tums up in warm water and give that to her. make sure she has water and food available if she wants to drink and eat, but don't feed her laying food till she is through this crisis, you don't want eggs backed up in there. It's a waiting game but hopefully with massage, soaks and warmth she'll be able to pass the egg, if not then vet care will be your next option. heres hoping [​IMG]

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