Swollen and transparent crop baby chicken

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    Dec 24, 2014

    Hi all,

    I am new here to this forum. I found a little baby chicken on the road in Bali and I have been taking care of it for already 3 weeks.
    Unfortunately this poor baby developed wry neck and I have been a lot on internet and forums to figure out how to take care of this. I now give him vitamins and antibiotics.

    What the local vet here discovered (but there aren't any chicken vets around here) was that his crop was swollen.
    I then changed his diet. First I put him 12 hours overnight with nothing to eat. Then I give him some yoghurt and porridge.
    He eagerly eats this. I just fed him a little yoghurt and as you can see on the picture, it is clearly visible in his crop.
    What worries me is that his crop is so easily blown up and it also looks so transparent, the skin around it so thin. Also should the crop go all the way to his back/shoulder? I massage it a little but It feels so delicate that I am a little afraid to hurt him.

    Also after how many hours should the crop be empty? In the morning his crop is empty. I have no idea how a healthy crop should look like in young chickens, so please can you have a look at the pictures and tell me if I should be worried about his crop?

    Thanks a lot in advance, also from Henkie :)

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