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    Feb 23, 2016
    I purchased 3 black copper marans yesterday. A friend picked them up. I didn't get to see them before she picked them up, dumb I know. One of the hens looks to be in molt, that is something normal I guess, one looked normal and the other one, which I am concerned about, she had dried poo hanging from her back side. It was really bad looking. Her backside looked swollen to me but I am knew to copper marans and do not know if she is supposed to look like that. most of the feathers were gone and the rest were all stuck together in mats. I cleaned her up best I could and I took the scissors and cut the mats off. They were heavy which may have been causing her swollen look. The lady that sold her to me said she would take her back, but I am not sending her back. She is walking, eating, chirping going to the bathroom but it is runny. I live in Southeast Texas, it is not real hot yet and the girls have a nice covered pen, plenty large. I think the environment they are in now is probably much better than where they came from. My pen has 2 sections. I am able to separate if I need to and I had 3 hens and I bought 4 more. I have kept the new ones separate for now. I want to make sure they are healthy. Any ideas on the one that looks bad? Her comb is red and perky and she seems fine. Her behind just looks terrible. Do I need to worm and give antibiotics to the new ones to make sure they are healthy? Please help because I am relatively new at this. I have only had my other girls for 1.5 years and they came from someone I knew and they were in excellent shape.
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    I would keep them separate for at least 30days so you can monitor them. Practice good biosecurity between your two flocks.
    You may want to consider worming them, but you might want to take a fecal sample to your vet so they can perform a fecal float to help determine if any worms are present and what type they are, that will help you know what/if any wormer needs to be used.
    Check for mites/lice and treat them if you find any.
    I would not use any antibiotics, this would defeat the purpose of quarantine, antibiotics could mask any symptoms/illnesses they may have so it would be best if they have something you want it to present itself.

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