Swollen belly: EYP, Ascites or other

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Got a hen that has a swollen belly. Read LOTS and have started trying treatments. In reviewing threads this seemed the most similar.

    She is something of an outcast from the rest and I found her being attacked with her head under some lawn chairs in the evening
    Day 1 I separated her at that point. She seemed fine although a little 'dazed'? Roosted in the pump house.

    Day 2 Her poop was different and not much solid in it. The poop is identical to the link, foamy yellow with what look like bits of green or grass and running down her back feathers.

    Day 3 I noticed she didn't seem to be eating. Watched her closer. Given a choice she doesn't want to leave the pump house.

    Day 4 Reading a lot and her belly seemed to be swelling. First guess is impacted egg. Probed and did not feel anything within 2 inches. Prior to this I was a virgin chicken probed so I don't have a lot to compare. Have considered probing another one as a reference to compare. Is it pretty obvious if you get to an egg?
    Could not tell if there was anything in the crop like a piece of plastic. Can a chicken swallow something of a size that it can't pass? Forced water into throat and did inverted flush. Nothing came out. Did not seem to be anything in the crop.
    Warm bath and massaging towards the back. Shifted it back and forth to help anything move if there was something stuck.

    Day 5 Warm bath and belly is swollen. May have eaten a few pieces of bread.

    Day 6 She wasn't laying down in the morning check but standing. Didn't seem to want to lay through the day. Began draining belly. Pulled 50+ CC of the yellow straw fluid. Had a small amount of white ?stuff? with the first pull. Ovary? I used a 30 gauge insulin needle with a tube to a 30 CC syringe. Much like an IV setup. Makes it much easier to empty syringe without re-puncture. Fluid continued to leak out and wet the feathers in the back. At check a few hours later she was breathing very raspy. Drove to 2 tractors supplies to get Tylan 50. Gave first injection into breast (.5cc) and feed a little watered egg yolk.
    Several of the threads where the chicken survived they used Baytril. What are the differences? Are they aimed at different bacteria?

    Gave the injection around an hour ago and have been writing this. Just went and checked. She has passed. So for future reference I'll go ahead and post this. Could the injection have done it? I checked for blood but if it got into a vein would that kill her? Should I have not drained the fluid? She didn't seem raspy till I did.

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