Swollen Chest on 6 week old chick

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    • Thank you in advance for any help!! Please know I did research the internet before posting this and have decided I'm not too proud to ask for help. I don't think I can do the surgery many sites suggest and really wanted a straight answer from *The Knowing Ones*- I know this has been addressed before, but would still appreciate any help!



      I am new to chickens and currently have 6 week old chicks. I let them out of the coop with supervision to free range about 2-4 hours a day, so there is a chance she has a long blade of grass stuck. This chick has what appears to be an impacted crop. Her crop area is full and feels like a water balloon. I gently massage it (she sits in my lap allowing me to do so) it will tighten up and she sways her neck like she's trying to clear her blockage. She has thrown up a tiny amount of green slime one time. She is eating, pooping (attached photo-yes, I stalked her until she pooped!) and running around with the rest. Other than the obvious (equivalent to a ping-pong ball) swelling (Dolly Pardon look-alike in chicken form), you wouldn't know she has a problem. This has been going on the the past 4 days. I've read it is normal for the crop to swell after eating and should be gone by morning. Her's doesn't go away. I've tried gently massaging a few times a day, but it isn't working. I've also tried to feed her olive oil soaked bread, but she wasn't having that. Same with plain yogurt. I ended up putting a little olive oil on her body in different areas thinking she'd ingest the oil while grooming. She has access to grit, food and fresh water always. I use sand in the run and pine shavings in the coop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will try to attach photos- to follow. Thank you for any assistance or direction.

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    I think you have sour crop going on instead of impacted. You probably should try Monistat suppositories 1/3 by mouth twice a day or cream 1 ml in water twice a day, or Lotrimin. Here is a thread with good results from many: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/630307/sour-crop-cured-with-monistat Another website that is good is TheChickenChick.com and go to her site for crop problems.

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