Swollen/dropped undercarriage, looks in pain and can't keep her balance

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    I brought my baby chicks home 5 days ago, they all were fine besides one that I noticed last night was struggling to keep her balance, legs wide spread, weak and contracting her whole body like she's in pain and constipated.

    I have tired apple cider vinegar in the water, trying to get her to drink regular water, baby prune food mixed with her food, greek yogurt and I even soaked her whole underside for 5 minutes in warm water and epsom salt which then stressed her out so much I thought she was going to die on me.

    Her whole underside (from throat to vent) is blue and dropped compared to the other healthy chicks. Is it a possibility that her whole intestinal system (prolapsed?) Please help. [​IMG]

    Here is her backside without being wet, it is very heavy and hard for her to keep her balance forward.
    Her wings are dropped because she is too weak to hold them up but when she panics does a good job at trying to flap them.
    You can see her mouth is open. Her mouth is constantly opening and closing whether she is awake or sleeping. Along with her mouth opening and closing her body is contracting all the way to her vent.

    She did just poop for the first time in a couple hours but I have not seen her eat and I have to force her to drink.
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    Hi @cwulf86 Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    To be honest, I don't know what this is.

    Is she able to poop?

    Try to keep her hydrated the best you can. If she won't drink on her own, then you can try dropping drops of water on the edge of her beak to see if she will take it in.

    This will not be popular, but if you don't see improvement soon, then you may want to consider culling her - especially if she is in pain.

    Please let us know how she is doing.
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