swollen ear lobe, lethargic

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    Sep 29, 2010
    integrated about 3 weeks ago, 2 black star sex links and 1 white plymouth rock hen (all 5 mo old) with my older 4 RI hens and 1 part orpington roo. Old flock not fond of new roosting buddies. Sudden onset swollen ear lobe of black star 4 days ago. 3 days ago got Duramycin-10 as suggested to me and started medication of all 8 early 2 days ago. Today being day 2 of medication of 400 mg in 1 gal water per day. Today ear lobe less swollen but hen is lethargic and did see one diarrhea poop happen - remainder of flock seem to have normal poop, normal behavior. Planning to medicate with 1/2 strength tomorrrow and for next 4 days as recommended.
    They are penned until late afternoon to be sure eggs are laid (and now medicine is taken) than free range until roosting. The 3 new hens are laying, are staying pretty much together and away from older ones. Coop has plenty of roosting space, nests, ventilation. Have never had any disease or problems in all my years of having chickens. Got these 3 from my son who raised them from day old. He and I split the 6 but he raised these for me until they were grown. No one else has problems. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Maybe check inside the ear canal for infection? Squeeze & look for pus. Try a small Q-tip.
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    I feel sure my young pullet had an ear infection although there were no external signs. She was on baytril administered by syringe twice a day for almost 3 weeks but she recovered from it completely. At one point she was so dizzy, I assume, that she could barely walk. Hopefully the antibiotic your chick is on will keep working. Maybe you could separate her and keep her on full strength. Good luck.

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