Swollen Eye + Bubbles..... Fowl Pox?

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    Jun 28, 2009
    Hi, I'm attaching an album of my hen's eye, with a picture of the normal eye for reference (not, the normal eye does have two little growths on the bottom but those have been around for a while).

    She is acting perfectly fine besides for having trouble getting around due to her eye. She eats and drinks and roosts and dustbathes and everything else a normal chicken does. I didn't even notice anything was wrong until she refused to fly down from the coop door this morning.

    Thus far, I have cleaned it a bit with saline, added some antibiotic eye drops that my mom had stored (it's all we had), and cleaned up some of the foam with a Q-tip. The foam seems to be gathering in the "lip" under the top of her eye socket.

    Is this Pox? I don't really see scabs, but there is some brown stuff underneath her eye. It could be a bunch of scabs, but I'm not sure. My two other chickens are fine.... I got them all from the same lady when they were chicks, they are a few years old now and none have ever had any issues like this. Is it worth it to quarantine the other two hens? If it's contagious, I'd doubt they had not caught it from her yet, and we don't really have any good place to keep this hen separate.

    So, yeah. What do you guys think this is? The swelling is definitely down from this morning... the eye was basically totally closed this morning, but now it's open a bit and she can see better. A treatment plan would be nice as well as I am totally lost on what to do! Thanks!



    Edit: To add, she does not really wheeze and I did not see anything prominent in her mouth when I looked. She did start opening her mouth kinda wide to breathe after I had been poking around her eye to clean it for a few minutes, but I'd bet that is simply because it hurt & stressed her.
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    It doesn't look like pox, but it could be due to a peck wound, a sting around the eye, or mycoplasma (MG,) a respiratory disease. The treatment you have done so far is good. If possible, you could get your vet to test her for MG with a nasal swab. Antibiotics such as oxytetracycline and Tylan are often used to treat mycoplasma.
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    Jun 28, 2009
    Hi, thanks for the response! I doubt we'll be taking her to the vet unless her symptoms start to get worse. This morning, she was looking about the same. Her eye was open more but there were still bubbles.

    If worst comes to worst and it is MG, my nearest Tractor Supply is out of Tylan 50. I googled "terramycin" and it said it's an oxyterracyclione so does this product look like it could be used to treat MG, in your opinion?


    Thank you!

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