swollen eye...need advice - PICS ADDED TO POST #3

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    I have a JG hen that had her inner eyelid pecked and torn as a chick. The vet cut the torn portion out and chick recovered 100% (minus the 3rd eyelid). Because we live in the desert, we get dirt blowing with high winds. The hen (now 9 mos old or so) rubs her eye on her wing/shoulder regularly. Well, she has it all irritated...possibly infected? It is swollen. The upper eyelid has a small bump like it may be a swollen folicle or something (like a sty, but no white dot) Her whole eye area is mildly - moderately swollen, but she rubs it a lot, which is probably just irritating it even more. The other eye is perfectly fine and she has no other symptoms (normal poop, eats and drinks fine, active, no nasal or respiratory issues, normal weight, laying eggs just fine, no bubbles in the eye). I will venture to say it is not conjunctivitis has her conjunctiva appears normal. It seems to be limited to her eye lids. The Vet gave me some eye drops (Gentamicin), which does not appear to be helping. So, maybe it isn't an infection? We have kept her inside for the last week to limit her exposure to dust/wind/dirt.

    Any suggestions?
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    Sounds like you are doing everything right. I would flush her eye out really good once. See what happens. But definitly glad shes inside because that sand cannot be good for her. I would let her fully recover and then i would rig up some sang guards around her run. maybe some plywood half way up.
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    I have yet to see any improvement. [​IMG] She has been on the eye drops since last Tuesday (a week now) and nothing. I've added a couple pics to show everyone to see if anyone has any suggestions so I can get her back out into the coop.

    Her good eye (right eye)

    Her bad eye (left eye) - See how she has rubbed off all the little feathers? At least, it looks that way.

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