Swollen eye on my silkie hen

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    Feb 21, 2014
    When I checked on my silkie today she was still in the coop and not being active. She isn't really eating or drinking either. I took her out and she has a swollen eye. It's like the muscle above the eye is swollen and its starting to come out from under her eye lid. It's made it so she can't see out that eye at all. There isn't any puss but there is some clear film in it. I also looked in her mouth to see if maybe she has a sinus infection and her mouth is all clear without any puss on the roof of it. She free ranges all day in a half acre space. Any suggestions what it might be. I have also secluded her from my other hens at this point. None of them are showing any of the symptoms she has but I just wanted to be safe.

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    Could she have been pecked in the eye? If she shows nasal drainage, sounds congested, or coughs/sneezes, than I would treat her for a respiratory disease with Tylan 50 injectable 1/4 ml daily for 5 days, given orally. MG and coryza can cause eye swelling, and coryza may smell really bad. MG and coryza are chronic diseases that can make carriers of your flock for life. Peck wounds, eye infections, and tumors can look like respiratory diseases, but without the other symptoms. Here is a link to read about respiratory infections: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044

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