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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Newlilchick, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Mar 18, 2012
    For some time now we have had a peahen with swelling under one eye. I have treated for sinus infections which a turkey with swelling under one eye is better (in seperate area not in contact with the peafowl) but my peahen is showing no inprovement I have been looking for a few hours on what it could be and i am down to 2 things a Cysts or Eye Worm ( my father in law said it was an eye worm) but i have been treating for eye worms and nothing is getting better. So i was wondering if anyone has pictures of or knows where i can see pictures of eye worms? I have been searching but have found nothing. I have found pictures of cysts but i would like to compare the two before i take action and try to treat a cysts since it is very stressful for me and the poor peahen.

    The swollen spot is hard and it is not painful to her i have messed with it and she does not mind me messing with it. She is healthy eats drinks no other problems. Thank You!
  2. If it is hard it is not a worm. It is most likely the leftover hard mucous from a sinus infection. When the mass gets rather large and hard the body cannot readily reabsorb it. It will probably have to be cut out. There are many threads showing successful removal.
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    Sorry that I can't help with eye worms (never even heard of this!), but I'm sure you have seen that there are many pictures and threads relating to under eye/face cysts from sinus infection here?

    If you can post a picture of your girl you may get some good advice from more experienced peapeople.

    In the meantime, I notice that you have posted before about poultry eye problems and wonder if/why you are sure your girl's problem is unrelated to the chickens or turkey ailments? It is unlikely to be a coincidence that these problems are arising. Even if they are not in contact there could be something in the ground they are scratching in that is bothering all of your birds. Just a thought, someone else here will probably have advice on this.
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    X2 on all.
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    I have a few birds now that have sinus infections and treated them with baytril. Any bird can get it, just basically a "common" cold in birds. If not treated the sinus area can get infected and cause a build up of mucus. This mucus can harden and as more mucus builds on it, it can grow throughout the nasal cavity. When it is hard not soft you must make an incision just below the large mass and gently squeeze it out. Here's a link from when I did it:

    I see more respiratory infections in my birds when the weather changes because they go in at night and are all together inside the closed shed when it gets cold. If one bird has a cold then another catches it just like kids in a school. It isn't something in the ground, it is just a little cold going from one bird to another, just in some birds they get a sinus infection from it. One bird can have a runny nose for a few days and then another and another but the last one grows a lump on it's face because he could not fight it off as well as the others.
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    Yoda have you ever had a culture done on your birds infection?
  7. Yoda

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    No never did. Deerman told me when mine had the infection that birds do get colds and if not treated can turn into an infection. Once it was removed the peas were fine and have not got it again. I watch them closely in the winter time because they are all in the same shed at night. We had our first snowfall last week and the young birds are the first to catch something because they never seen snow and they sit in it LOL I have to pick them up and put them on perches cause they are scared to death of the snow at first. Then a week later I see the young ones with runny noses. They get treated and it seems to stop the speading of the cold. Once you operate on a bird or two you learn to watch them closely in cold weather because just like any other animal or person they can catch a cold from the weather. Funny thing is I have an upper respiratory infection too and I am on Amoxicillin. I get them from my winter allergies, but mostly from purfumes and colognes. I am really allergic to those like people are to peanut butter. Unfortunately the smells turn into mucus in my throat and the next day I have an infection. So I am just like my peas, if it isn't treated it only gets worse but I am the doctor LOL
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    Yoda, you might want to think about having your birds tested. I agree that they can catch a cold, but having that many makes me wonder if you have something else going on. I have treated 3 or 4 birds for sinus issues in the last 10 years. A few turkeys and my peacock a few days after I got him. Sinus issues and cold symptoms are a rare thing here. While that can be 'just' a cold, it can also be Mycoplasmosis.
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    I agree with Frosty.

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