Swollen eye

Rebecca dean

Jan 5, 2018
Hi all,

My little bobtail has a swollen eye. I went to check on her and she was tucked up in the coop a little earlier on her own. She had laid an egg been vocal and has eaten and drank well today but when going to check on her I noticed one of her eyes closed half way and unable to open this. The other eye is open and not swollen. I was wondering if it’s something to be worried about, she does love rolling around in the mud and digging up the garden so I am thinking could she have something in it. There is no puss or fluid coming out of it as of yet and it was open this morning. I do check the girls throughout the day and within an hour of last checking on her it was closed. I have uploaded three pictures two of the swollen eye and one of the good eye.


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She might have been pecked near her eye causing the swelling, but a swollen eye can be due to respiratory diseases, such as mycoplasma (MG.) Can you see any bubbles in her eye, or any marks that could be from a peck or sting on the eyelid. You could try Tylan 50 injectable, a cattle antibiotic, and give it orally to treat for possible mycoplasma. Dosage is 1 ml for a 5 pound chicken, given 2-3 times daily by mouth, for 5 days. You will need syringes with needles just to remove it from the vial, then take off the needle.
Hi All.
I have been treating all 7 of my hens with Tylan the past week. All are doing great except one 7 month old is still not 100% and now her left eye is swollen and she can’t open it. I’ve used a warm compress and have been putting in soothing eye drops but it’s not getting better. I don’t see any cottage cheese looking material in her eye just seems watery and very swollen. I saw a post that says use neosproren? Just rub it on the outside of her eye I am guessing? See has been on tylan for 7 days and I want to get her off it. Gave her a boost of nutri drench as well hoping her immune system would do its own thing without any additional meds. Any suggestions?? Poor little girl


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