Swollen Eye

Rob Curtis

Dec 14, 2019
The following did work for my chicken

Swollen eye, closed by eye lid swelling, weeping, the smell of necrotic tissue. Read on and you will find out why it got that far along. Early intervention is best.

7.00 Baytril 2.5% Injection.
Given 0.6 mL orally twice a day for 5 days (crop feeding). In this case 7 AM and 7 PM sharp.

The doctor gave one dose into the thigh to get things started.


Genoptic (gentamicin 3 mg/mL as the sulfate) eye drops.
Given 2 drops twice daily for 5 days.

Put it in the front corner of the eye. Make sure you use a cotton bud to massage the liquid into the ducts. You will see the fluid get sucked in. It is not possible to overemphasize this.

The nostril was blocked. It was cleared by spraying almond oil onto the blockage. It softens the gunk and the chicken eventually blows it out. That cleared the sinus.

The following did not work for my chicken

Brolene (propamidine isethionate 1 mg/mL). It is an antimicrobial not antibiotic. Works for minor mild conjunctivitis.

Chlorsig 1% (chloramphenicol 10 mg/g (1%). Worked for about 2 days.


Avoid Meloxicam. It is an anti-inflammatory for cats and dogs. The side effects are gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack, and convolutions among others.

If in the opinion of the "vet" the chicken needs to be destroyed but euthanasia is not an option s/he may prescribe it in a dose suitable for a cat or dog, to inhibit inflammation, but the side effects are being used to destroy the chicken, without the owner being aware, in my opinion.

If the "vet" you have is not much use, dime a dozen, go to another. Make sure it is out of town and at another clinic otherwise like human doctors they gang up and support each others methods.

Be proactive. The only way to get things done. I hope that helps some lovely birds and you.

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