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    May 21, 2010
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    i have an 11 week old chick who has these swollen eyes i first thought that it was just a bee sting but for how long it lasted i'm thinking it's something else non of the other chicks have it, there isn't any discharge coming from the eye, shes extremely active but will fall asleep randomly, also she has stopped growing and is about half the size of the rest of the chicks (she was already a runt and had cocci but now is all good in that respect)

    so what should i do give her antibiotics or coll her cause it's is hopeless (if she dies she'll be the only chick I've ever lost to disease)
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    Dec 4, 2009
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    Are her eyes clear or have they clouded over? I have a 6 month old pullet that had one of her eyes cloud over and she also had nothing else apparently wrong with her. She too seems to be active but stop and nod off . I had a phone consult with a vet, because i wwanted to be sure she did not have anything communicable. He believes it is a infection, so I have eye drops for her. She has had them for 2 days now and after the first 24 hours that is when gunk actually started coming out of her eye. A lot of people say to get Terramycine eye drops from the feed store, but that medication has not been made by the manufacturer in aover a year, so it is impossible to find. I was directed to Vetericyn from the lady at the feed store, so you might want to try that, it's around $25 a bottle. The vet said that the Tobramycin that he prescribed were similar to the Vetericyn, but a lot stronger. I am hoping that her eye heals and that she does not loose sight in it. Also make sure you remove the sick chick and kkep it seperate otherwise it will most likely be picked on and you don't want it spreading anything.

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