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  1. DJFarm

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    Aug 15, 2011
    This evening I went to check on my animals and found one of my hens standing by the fence. I saw she was scratching at her eye and she let me walk right up to her (which is unusual). Once I walked up I noticed her eye was swollen shut. I picked her up and took a look at her, opened the eye and didn't see any discharge. The other eye is open and clear. While holding her I also noticed poop caked on her back end and hosed it off. Then last but not least when I put her down I noticed her limping some with a small wound on one of her legs. I cleaned out the wound and added some Sumet to their water. Is there another dewormer or something I should try for the diarrhea? I'm thinking her eye was due to a bug bite since no discharge????

  2. CinnamonQueen12

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    Jul 20, 2011
    Sounds like she was attacked. Something probably scratched her eye. Flush it out woth saline solution and try a warm campress. Separate her from the other chickens and keep her warm. Add warm water to her food to make a warm mash, and put neosporin on her wounds.

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