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  1. chikorita101

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Hi! My rooster has a big, red, swollen eye that is oozing pus and looks horrid. And worst of all, I'm not sure what to do! My dad thinks he might have gotten something in his eye, but I think it could be much, much, worse... I am sorry but currently I cannot get a picture of his eye to show you guys, sorry :( He looks weaker & I am afraid he might die. Can anyone provide any insight into what is wrong and what I should do?
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    You are right to be concerned, as many symptoms as you described can be the start of a respitory illness. Giving Tylan 50 cattle med can help with the respitory part. As far as the eye, you must remove the puss from the eye, flush with saline. Know that it can be very contagious, can stay with the bird for life.... So take precautions until you know if it was injury or illness

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