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    Aug 18, 2013
    Poor Minerva has a puffy eye. At first I thought she had been stung by a biting fly or bee, but the swelling hasn't gone down in over a month now. Her eye's wide open, but swollen all around. She's acting normal, eating well, as noisy as ever, and generally looking well. I saw a comment about apple cider vinegar in the drinking water and will try that. The other 3 chickens are fine. No signs of anything spreading. They have a good life wandering around our yard all day foraging. What are the chances that she has had an allergic reaction to a bug bite or exposure to something in her surroundings? I'd be grateful for ideas. She's one of our favorite gals. I'll try to post a pic.
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    Puffy eyes are usually a sign of a respiratory infection like Mycplasma or coryza. The chances of it being an injury or a sting are lessening after a month. An antibiotic such as Tylan50 1/2 ml.for a regular sized chicken either as a shot into the breast muscle or by mouth for 3-5 days would be good. Oxytetracycline or terramycin is also used.

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