Swollen eyes, sneezing, shaking heads, why me??????????????????????


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So, I have them on Sulmet for two days. Some have actually gotten worse. I just want to cry. I have one that is very bad off with both eyes swollen shut. I have three isolated, but when I went into the coop today to change out sulmet water all chickens were shaking their heads.

I called the state vet's office, and they said someone would call me and may be coming out. I just want to cry. I have been reading the posts about what this could be, and there is no smell which seems to implicate something worse that corzya. Where did this come from? How did I get it? I am so angry right now.

Swollens eyes amlost shut on some
Shaking heads

On Teramyacin for one day
On Sulmet for two days

It has been raining a lot here. Will that do this?

You should do Sulmet for 10 days. Stopping it brings the symptoms on worse. I've seen this before and the birds did get better but it took a few weeks. Good luck!
Sulmet is only for coccidia. It's a coccidiostat, not an antibiotic. You need to get them on an antibiotic like tetracycline, tylan, etc.
My understanding is that Sulmet IS an antibiotic. Tylan is also an antibiotic.

When in doubt: Google!

Ok, technically it's an antibiotic, but it does not perform well for respiratory problems in chickens. Even if it did, if it's not working for these specific chickens then the OP needs to try something different (and maybe more heavy duty).
Spoke to the State vet and they said to give Tylan or this other antibiotic called L-S. I ordered the L-S, and bought the Tylan. I gave the sicker ones the tylan shots. It was tough. My little Serama cried out in pain, but the others didn't flinch. He said Sulmet is only for cocci or diarreah.

Sooo sorry you're going through this! I'm glad you started them on the Tylan injections though. I recently had 2 with what I believe was wet pox and I used Tylan with a 25ga needle. Worked like a charm! What gauge needle did you use? If your gal cried out it could be you are using too large a needle.

Hugs to you and your girlies!
Hey Debbie,

How are the girls doing? I sure hope they're doing better! I'm in East Texas. You've probably had the same nasty rainy weather we have. Good for sleepin... Bad for respiratory junk!

Hang in there! I know you're doing a great job!!!

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