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    Aug 21, 2009
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    I have a couple of bantams that have very swollen infected eyes. It came on pretty fast. It's been very cold (-20) and even though their coop is very insulated it is still just cold! I brought the sick ones in the house and have been giving them Terramycin in thier water for 3 days. No improvement. Any idea what is causing this and what a better treatment might be? I talked to a friend of mine 200 miles away and she has been having the same problem with some of her regular chickens.[​IMG]
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    On my gosh! Can she open them if you wipe them with a damp, warm compress? You can put neosporin on the eye as well, but I would guess that you need something stronger to knock that infection out. Depending on what state you are in, I'd recommend getting Terramycin eye ointment. Any other symptoms? (such as weezy, nasal drainage, not eating/drinking, weak/lethargic (aside from not moving if they can't see well). I haven't had that issue exactly, but I wnt to say that I have read somewhere that it is a symptom of a respiratory infection (though I'd expect resp. related symptoms). Maybe wet fowl pox? Here's a few links I found that may be useful.
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    From the picture, I would guess coryza. Terramycin is useless!

    Use Duramycin or Tylan.

    Also do the following:

    1oz. Clorox to 1 gal drinking water (from now on)

    when sickness appears:
    2ox. Clorox to 1 gal drinking water

    Don't use metal waterers as the bleach will rust it to fast: plastic is fine.
    Do this with the whole flock: FROM NOW ON. Coryza will appear in the Fall and Spring especially when it is raining. Once on the place it is very hard to get rid of.

    Clean your chicken house MONTHLY. Spray with 1 Cup Clorox to 1 Gal Water mixture to disinfect the place. Let it dry before letting the chickens back in.

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    Quote:I am asking for mere clarification as I don't have experience with Coryza, but doesn't coryza usually have the characteristic swollen ring around the eye, not the eye itself? Anjbagley, is there an odor with it? Per what I have read (again, never had to deal with it personally), Coryza has an odor. Also, are there any lesion in the mouth or warts that bleed then scab over on the wattles, comb, etc? If there is no odor and there are lesions, I would say wet pox. You may want to PM Threehorses and include a link to this thread so she can see the picture. She is a wonderful resource that I trust and highly recommend when it comes to chicken health! (Saladin, I am not disagreeing with you...I am just not 100% familiar with Coryza and am curious if the swelling can manifest in more than one way. [​IMG] [​IMG] ).
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    Been offline for a few days. Coryza use to be referred to as a "one-eyed cold." Usually the whole eye will swell up just like in the picture of this bird. Of course, other disease will also show this too. You are someone mentioned the smell: good advice.

    Regardless, it appears (I say that tentatively because who can really tell just from a picture) to be some sort of respitory infection; so, I would have still given the same advice.

    I've personally found that the Clorox/bleach in the water has made all the difference in the health of my flock: that and cleaning the building out monthly(plus disinfecting it). saladin
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    I just posted a thread this morning about my rooster and it seems he has the same issue except it is both eyes. We have been using Terramycin with little results for 3 days. Neosporin and keeping him hydrated with fluids and hand feeding him. He is still unable to see well enough to eat and drink on his own. Since it is both eyes I'm having a hard time finding a common post. He's acting good other than the eyes. There is a slight odor and no lesions. If this is Coryza, I have read that the flock needs to be vaccinated...any suggestions there or will the bleach water help with that. They are separated at the time but they were in contact with the rest of the flock when we noticed. I know this is an old post but seems the closest to our problem.
    Any help would be appreciated, this illness is a new one for us [​IMG]

    Picture of one of chuck's eyes
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    Apr 3, 2016
    Same problem I bleached my whole coop and have him separated. I had to put one hen down but I really don't want to do this to my baby roo

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