Swollen eyes???


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
Hello,i have had 3 birds within the last week and a half have 1 swollen eye.a little crust on the eye but thats it.with the first i thought maybe he got pecked but what are the chances that 3 got pecked.its wierd,only 1 eye is swollen on each bird.no other symptoms.eating, drinking,pooing.no discharge out of eyes,dont hear any rattle.i wiped their eyes with saline on a cotton ball everyday.the first ones eye is totally healed the second 1 has her eye opened and almost all the swelling is gone and the third i just noticed today and started wiping her eye with the saline.im really scratching my head here.
ive been reading that alot of people are having problems with the respitory problem,so im getting a little nervous..
any ideas? thanks...

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