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    Jul 22, 2009
    My dear friend has a flock of what were healthy chickens. Today, however, she noticed that 4 of 42 chickens have very swollen faces and swollen joul area (under the beak). This condition would have began no more than 72 hours ago (she was away for a few days and prior to that she was with the chickens every day). It was this morning she noticed the condition. Those animal affected have the following symptoms; the swelling, obsiously not feeling great (poofed up and a bit lethargic), they are still eating and drinking at this point, not sure about droppings. Any ideas would be a great help, she's not sure whether she should just put those 4 down.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!
  2. Makareina

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    Jul 22, 2009
    Here are a couple of photos of the condition my friends chickens are experiencing. Don't know how helpful the photos are, let me know if you need more. Thanks so much.


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    So no other symptoms other than swollen eyes and listlessness? No sneezing, nasal discharge, anything else?

    Here's a link, maybe it will help....

    Might not hurt to separate them from the others until you figure out what it is, but personally I would NOT jump to culling them yet. I would say that chances are if it happens to be contagious, the others probably already have it. Separate, figure out what it is and then go from there. Just my opinion and I'm by no means an expert.
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    More than likely it's sinusitous just like people get. Treat with tylan 50 1/2 cc for 7 days. Only treat birds that are sick not ones that are not.
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    anytime there is swelling of the head..suspect some form of respiratory illness...including sinusitis..
    treat aggressively with the Tylan..

    here is a link to instructions for treating/flushing infected sinuses and eyes.


    Tylan 50 is available at most feed/farm/livestock supply stores in the LIVESTOCK section..
    try to get small syringes..
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