Swollen Feet is it scaly leg mites?

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    I am trying to get this under control before it gets worst. I asked at the local feed store and all she had was Bag Bomb Salve. I did buy it was I think they need more and she doesn't have anything else for it. If someone can tell me what to put on there I can order it was Jeffers, I had a hen do this last winter, I soaked her feet in warm water and scrubbed the scales off and added vaseline but it did not help and she ended up dying. Four of my oldest girls have swollen [​IMG]feet and legs. Thank you for any help.
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    Need a close up. Please.
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    Have you inspected them for body lice or mites. Could there be some other reason for the swelling? Are the combs & wattles pale in color?
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    You gotcha a case of scaley leg mites. Tools : tweezers / pick/scraper of somekind / stiff toothbrush. Treatment......get ahold of birdie/ wrap in towel w/ legs exposed. The junk you see is the poos fromt he mites, you need to get all that junk off the legs and out from under the scales. It is a time consuming process to scrape under each scale to gently loosen that crud. Then apply vaseline liberally and rub it under those scales. REPEAT process every or everyother day till all the crud is gone. Keep putting vaseline on till you see the scales start to lay flat again.

    Tried and true. You can just use the vaseline everyday...but it takes longer to clear it up.
    Hope that helps..... [​IMG]

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