swollen foot , but no scab

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    Jun 30, 2010
    my hen started limping yesterday and still is today. I checked her foot and it is slightly warm to the touch, (more yesterday) , but she has no discoloration or scabs. She is still eating and hopping around so I put hemmoroid cream on it to reduce the swelling hopefully. Is there anything else that I can try and does anyone have any ideas what it could be ? [​IMG]
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    Put her in a cage for rest and relaxation, provide feed and water for her. Leave her in the cage for about 5 days giving time for the foot/leg to heal. You dont want her walking around on it possibly injuring it further causing worse damage or permanent damage. Let her out of the cage the 6th day and see if she can walk normal, if not, put her back in the cage for a week. You can crush some vitamin B complex tablets into powder and sprinkle it on her feed. It might help her heal quicker. Dont give her anything for pain. These type injuries take time to heal, sometimes they never heal depending on the severity of the injury. Birds jumping down from high roosts and other high places are susceptable to these types of injuries. Lowering roosts, eliminating high places that they can jump down from will take care of these types of problems.
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    Jun 30, 2010
    no high places that I know of , but alot of rocks though, mabey she hopped onto one roughly ? I am working on the cage idea now [​IMG]
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    Yes, that can happen that she may have bruised her foot. Chickens are notorious for "crash landings"! [​IMG]

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