Swollen foot in chicken

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    If you look real close his left foot is swollen it's been like that for a while since he was a chick and the man I got him from didn't care for any of the chicks and I know people say bumble foot but he doesn't limp or anything like that acts just fine I am gonna check under his foot still since I literally just found out about bumble foot ima gonna check them all isn't there a solution I can keep his feet in if it's that ?? But anyway his tails cricked to so I didn't know if he just had some minor deformations because really the place I got him from was bad but now he looks good as ever, but that one foot be like that for a long time just lemme know what it could be what to do help me out anyway you can lol thank you
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    X 2. Notice in the second link that Flockwatcher left, that there is swelling on top of the foot between toes in the first picture. I can't tell much from your picture, but in that link, that is what to look for.
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    It could be scaly leg mites......just put some vaseline on them....but first make sure it is scaly leg mites...Google it

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