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    I have a pekin duck, not sure of his age, he's adopted, but at least about 1 year old. He's been really aggressive lately and always underfoot (until I realised carrying a broom keeps him away) and unfortunately I accidentally stepped on him. I feel terrible but he is honestly so relentless at pecking my feet I almost couldn't avoid it. It was an accident, but he's now limping and has a very swollen "knee", not sure if that's what you call the middle joint of the leg. It's been about four weeks, I've considered taking him to the vet, but everyone I've spoken to said, just leave it, he'll get better. Well, it's clearly not getting better, but I'm not really keen on spending a fortune at the vet. Can it be splinted? He's definitely resting more than usual, but still walking a fair bit. I'm going to try an epsom salt bath as I saw someone suggested on another thread, but I was wondering if there's an anti inflammatory I can feed him or something. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    I would, if possible, get him to a competent vet and if that vet suggests euthanasia, I would ignore that advice.

    But you can get a good anti inflammatory from a vet - I think Rimadyl may be one...

    In the meantime, Epsom salt compress, or in a shallow bucket so the duck cannot drink it - it is a laxative!

    I would also look for a salve or ointment that contains arnica, St. John's wort, and comfrey. Especially comfrey. T-Relief has that. I checked the label.
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    Thanks so much for the response. I'll take him in to the vet next week, and definitely get some salve or make it myself. Many thanks

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