swollen lame leg!

Need more info please.

Where is it swollen? Over all? Joint? Foot?
Anything changed? (new birds to fight)
Did you check the bottom of his foot to make sure it's not bumblefoot?

How old is he?
Is he a heavy breed?
Does he have a high roost?
Is there heat in the swelling? How swollen is it?

im so sorry for you and your roo *bump* and maybe u could ice it like u do for people but im probly wrong if u used a towel and wrapped some ice in that maybe... idk im just trying to help
good luck i hope hes okay

im not a good speller
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from the knee down is swollen, it has been this way for a couple of weeks, I suspect he was injured while fighting with another rooster. he has a scab on his leg (no doubt aquired by fighting), he doesn't put much pressure on it, only enough so he can balance. I don't think its bumblefoot.

Thanks for the support, hopefully this post helps.


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