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Aug 6, 2021
So I need some advice. I picked up 4 hens yesterday evening and when out feeding them this morning I noticed one of the girls had a swollen foot. I pick her up to have a closer look and was horrified to find big black scab on her foot as well has an embedded zip tie. Now I don’t know if the leg is swollen from the zip tie or the bumble foot but I’ve never experienced this before with any of my chickens so this is all new ground. If anyone can offer advice on what to do I’d be very great full.
I am currently watching YouTube videos on bumble extraction but it’s very daunting im scared I might hurt her more.
Can you remove the zip tie right away? Please post pictures of the leg.
Oh it was awful!! I soaked the leg in warm water with epson salts. Cleaned the leg Got the zip tie off but it was down to the bone. Got the scab off but was only pink under no infection. It’s all cleaned and bandaged up will just have to wait and see how she is over the next few days


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