Swollen oil/preen gland...bleeding

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    One of my Bantam cocks has a swollen oil/preening gland. it is about the size of sparrow egg and when the crust came off in bathing the area, he is bleeding profusely from the skin about the gland. Other than the swelling, he is healthy and active...but his tail is hanging low because the swelling is putting pressure on his tail joint. That is how I noticed something was wrong.

    Do I attempt to scalpel the swelling to relieve the pressure inside the gland? I am not squeamish and have operated on my birds before.
    Can the duct from the gland be plugged...does that happen? Is there a way to unplug it without surgery.
    Gentle pressure on the gland only makes the surface bleed. I can stop the bleeding with cut dust.

    I can start him on Tylan 200 or LA200 or penicillin...an arsenal of antibiotics at my disposal. I would prefer not to cull him as he is a Gold-laced Birchen Rosecomb.
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    This issue is beyond my abilities, so consider this a friendly bump to get you back up in the queue. I hope you figure out what is going on.

    Good luck.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not sure exactly what to do. I would put antibiotics on it/hydrogen peroxide on it and close the wound with Blu-Kote.
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